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The 145th C.A.B.V.A. is trying to locate everyone who served with the
units that served under the 145th Combat Aviation Battalion in Vietnam, of
which the 117th AHC was one. We want to locate everyone from each of these
units including those who served with the units when it was not assigned
to the Battalion, to us a unit is a unit no matter what Battalion it was
assigned at the time. Many of the units in Vietnam were assigned to many
different battalion.
There are many organization starting the last few years trying to
locate Vietnam aviation personnel. There is the 1st AVN Brigade Asso,
Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Asso., Vietnam Helicopter Crew Members Asso.,
and many unit and a few battalion associations. When the 145th C.A.B.V.A.
started we were the first trying to locate and reunite unit and a
battalion. The VHPA is trying to locate all the Pilots and the VHCMA is
trying to locate all the enlisted crew members. The 1st AVN Brigade Asso.
was trying to locate everyone who served with the 1st AVN Brigade, but
they keep going under and restarting. None of these organization have as
their main purpose to reunite units. All of these organizations have been
very helpful to us and I help them as much as I can.
Here is the information I have on the battalions that 117th AHC
served with.

117th AHC...Warlords, Sidewinders...Vietnam-25 June 1963-26 March 1972
* 145th C.A.B. ..........Sept 1963 - Aug 1965
52nd C.A.B. ...........Aug 1965 - Oct 1965
10th C.A.B. ...........Oct 1965 - Jan 1968
* 145th C.A.B. ..........Jan 1968 - Feb 1968
214th C.A.B. ..........Feb 1968 - Jan 1969
222nd C.A.B. ..........Jan 1969 - Dec 1971
* 145th C.A.B. ..........Dec 1971 - 26 Mar 1972

Hopefully we will be able to locate everyone that you served with in
the 117th. We, unlike the other organizations, are actively looking for
members of the units, not just waiting for them to find us.
The 117th was made from the 8th Trans. Co., just a name change, in
June 1963. The 8th Trans Co was one of two unit that arrived in Vietnam on
11 Dec 1961, the first two aviation units to arrive in Vietnam. They were
both assigned to the 45th Trans Bn when it arrived in Vietnam, 1 July
1962. The 45th Trans Bn name was changed to the 145th Combat Aviation
Battalion on 24 September 1963. The dates on the chart above are the
official dates given by the Dept. of the Army, sometimes the dates that
the units really were transferred were a little different.
But to answer your question the 117th was assigned to the 145th once
before you arrived and twiced after you left.

Thank You


James L Bodkin