T-Shirts  and fund raiser items
There is a form that you can print and send in with your check or money order, sorry no on-line ordering available.
T-shirts  ($13 each) (be sure to mark size on order form) click on item number to display picture

TS#01-01 145th BN Assoc

TS#04-03 57th Med Det

TS#05-02 68th AHC

TS#06-02 71st AHC

TS#06-04 71st AHC Firebird

TS#08-03 117th AML (63-66)

TS#08-04 117th AHC

TS#09-01 118th AML (63-66)

TS#09-02 118th AHC

TS#10-02 119th AML (63-66)

TS#10-03 119th AHC

TS#11-01 120th AML (63-66)

TS#11-02 120th AHC

TS#12-02 121st AHC

TS#13-02 135th AHC

TS#16-01 190th AHC

TS#17-01 UTT (1963)

TS#17-02 UTT (1963-64)

TS#17-03 68th Armed Hel Co (1964-65)

TS#17-04 197th AHC (1965-66)

TS#17-05 334th AHC (1966-68)

CASSETTE TAPES  ($15 each)
Battle Of Bien Hoa/ Gunship Action - The tape "Battle of Bien Hoa" was recorded during TET Jan 31, 1968 by an Air Force Sergeant to be sent out as a news report but they would not let the tape out of the country. He gave a copy to LTC Robert Deets, Bn Co at the time. LTC Deets gave me a copy at the 1987 Reunion and said we could sell copies to raise funds for the Association. On the othe side is a copy of a recording of the radio calls of the190th AHC on a combat assault.

Combat Assault The tape "Combat Assaut",  Robert Moody takes you along with the EMUs and Taipans, 135th AHC, on a combat assault mission whey they catch the NVA.

Songs of the UTT The tape tells of the life and missions of Vietnam Helicopter crews, recorded in Vietnam in 1965, with a country flavor. Mike Davis that made the recording donated it to help raise funds for our Association.

LICENSE PLATE ($10 each)
145th License Plate For the front bumper of your car, or where ever.

UNIT PATCHES ($5 each)

        145th patch

        118th AML

         118th AHC

        119th AHC

        UTT (Pegasus)

         Firebird  (71st AHC)

         Mustang  (68th AHC)

HATS ($5 each)
      145th C.A.B. baseball cap

ORDER FORM  to be sent to: 145th C.A.B.V.A.,  497 County Road 104, Brundidge, AL 36010-5069