Reunion Form
Lodging Informaion



To: Members and eligible members of the 145th Combat Aviation
Battalion (veitnam) Association

From: Joe Boggs, Chairman, 145th 2005 reunion committee

Subject: 2005 Reunion Update

Greetings from Kansas City, Missouri! I hope that every member and
eligible member is excited about the Association's 2005 Reunion in
Kansas City as myself and other committee members are. Kansas City
is a great city, centrally located with more things to do and see than we
can squeeze in durning a short reunion. When I agreed, at the 2001
reunion in Washington, D.C,. area, to form a committee and host the
2005 Reunion in Kansas City, Missouri, it was in the distant future but
now it feels as it is just around the corner. We're meeting that challenge
and expect to conduct a comfortable, interesting, informative and fun
Reunion that you will not want to miss.

The Reunion Committe is organizing the event with the goal of keeping
the cost down yet making it a very quality event and a great deal of value
for every dollar spent. For example, those of you who will not be coming
by POV, I would advisenot to automatically obtain a rental car. Arriving
by air (which I would expect the majority will do) there is a free Marriott
Shuttle from the terminal to the hotel. Saturday has been intentionally
left as a free day except for the closing Banquet. If anyone wants to go a
particular place in the Kansas City area, that Saturday, Hertz has a rental
office in our hotel and you can rent a car for a single day. For most other
things transportation will be arranged.

As you may know, Kansas City has four major casinos (we're the "Las
Vegas" of the mid-west). Although I do not have it firmed up at the moment,
I do expect to arrange for casino shuttle on Thursday and Friday evenings.
The two casinos that I plan to select have so of the best restarurants in
Kansas City.

Convention cost for a couple participating in every scheduled event will
be 279.50. Included in this is a Box Lunch charge for the your of Ft.
Leavenworth. There is a possiblity that lunch there maybe available at the
CGSC dining food court (cost depends on what you select) and would
probable average less than $10.00 per person. If this option materializes,
you would be refunded your $10.00 per person fee for the Box Lunch at
Registration. This cost includes the Closing Banquet Dinner being a sit
down and served dinner. Wines are not included with the dinner but of
course will be available for purchase individually.

Taxi transportaion in Kansas City is very expensive and should be used
as a last resort and where at least two couples can split the coast.

My planning has been based on a total of 140 poeple attending but can be
adjusted upward very easily.

The group rate of $69.00 per night is very competitive to other hotels and
motels in the area. The convenience of staying at the "Reunion Hotel" offsets
the slightly less cost of inferior accommodations. Obviously, I urge members
to plan to stay at the Marriott KCI. If you are a member of the Marriot Rewards
Program, you will get your points!

We intend to have the "Hospitality Suite" well stocked with beverages, normal
snacks foods and a surprise Hors d' oeuvere of the day.

We are looking forward to having a "Very Memorable Reunion" and Hope that
our attendance will include many members that may be attending a Reunion for
the first time.

If you have any Questions regarding any aspect of the planned reunion, please
call Joe Boggs at (816) 741 - 4014 or email me at