Here are the pictures from the 2005 reunion at Kansas City, MO. Joe Boggs, chairman,  For quicker loading there is a differert link for each page containing just 15 pictures. Most of these picture taken by Mel Metzer and a few taken by Bill Sheets.

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Reunion 05 Report

The 2005 Reunion of the units of the 145th Combat Aviation Battalion was held in Kansas City, MO, August 28th thru the 1st of October. The Reunion was really great, with many activities, which all attending enjoyed. Joe Boggs did a truly outstanding job organizing this Reunion and putting together an outstanding Reunion Committee, thank you Joe.
     We started the Reunion Wednesday, August 28 with the Registration at noon and the "Opening Reception" that evening. It was a great time to get re-acquainted with friends and to meet other Association members. Tommie and Dixie Thornton did a fantastic job getting everyone signed in and making sure everyone was taken care of and everything was correct.
    On Thursday morning we departed by bus for a tour of Ft Leavenworth. After about a half hour driving tour around the post we arrived at Bell Hall for a briefing highlighting Ft Leavenworth’s current mission. The briefing was present by a young female army aviator so the question and answer period afterward centered more about army aviation and female aviators, she did an outstanding job. After the briefing we had our Association Business Meeting. The results of the meeting are that the 2007 Reunion will be at Ft Rucker, AL, the 2009 Reunion will be in the Dayton, OH area with Richard and Andrea Smith Chairpersons. Association Officers Election/Selection results: Nat Director- Jim Bodkin, Treasurer- Deb Bodkin, Asst Directory Director- Fred Eckelmann, History Director- Mel Metzer, Asst Web Master- Tom Payne, Auditor Director- Mike Hoke. We still have some office open which I will out line in the newsletter. After the meeting we ate lunch and went to the Frontier Museum across the street from Bell Hall. After the Museum we went Memorial Chapel, built in 1878 by prison labor, where Tom Payne and Joe Boggs conducted a very moving Memorial Service in honor of those comrades who lost their life serving in the 145th CAB in Vietnam. Thursday evening we had activities at the Hospitality Room with Special Hors D’oeuvers, thanks to Janet Boggs and Dixie Thornton, they were great. Ted and Diana Jambon did an outstanding job keeping everything flowing well in the Hospitality Room during the entire Reunion.
    On Friday we departed the hotel by bus en-route to our first stop, the Truman Library, then toured Independence, MO also seeing the Truman Home, Headquarters of the RLDS Mormon Church and the Truman Sports Complex (NFL and MLB Stadium side-by-side). After lunch we toured many interesting parts of Kansas City, then stop at the Liberty Memorial. We drove by the four riverboat casinos so that those who were inclined could visit them later on their own. Again on Friday night we had activities at the Hospitality Room with Special Hors D’oeuvers.
    Saturday morning and afternoon was left unscheduled so people could go visit the places they seen the day before. Transportation was provided to those who desired it by a on-call shuttle van. I want to thank our bus and shuttle van driver, Jerry Head, 57th Trans Co 1962-63, for the truly outstanding job he did for us, he put that bus in places everybody would have said it couldn’t fit. I spent Saturday morning and afternoon visiting in the Hospitality Room while my wife Deb toured the Hallmark Card design and Hallmark Crown Center. Saturday night we had our Reunion Banquet with Cocktails, Dinner, Entertainment, Members Comments and a closing Salute. Our entertainment was a Harry S. Truman impersonator that did a very good presentation and did a very good job of staying in character even during the question and answer part.
    I want to thank our 2005 Reunion Committee for their hard work and the outstanding job they did putting the Reunion together. I posted some pictures that Mel Metzer took at the reunion.
    Our 2007 Reunion will be held at Ft Rucker, AL, usually the 3rd weekend of June that would be June 15, 16, and 17. And our 2009 Reunion will be held in the Dayton, OH area, maybe with a visit to the National Museum of the USAF, the oldest and largest military aviation museum. If you would be willing to volunteer to help with a reunion please let me know.