Here are the pictures from the 2009 reunion at Dayton, OH. Andrea Smith, chairman,  For quicker loading there is a differert link for each page containing just 15 pictures. Most of these picture taken by John Flynn and Tommy Thornton.

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The 2009 Reunion of the units of the 145th CAB was held 30 Sept to 4 Oct 2009. Andrea Smith was the Reunion chairperson with Frank Maus and Gary Coppes assisting. They did a truly outstanding job. We started off with the Early bird Reception. On Friday we toured Dayton with special stops at: Huffman Prairie Flying Field and Interpretive Center, Wright-Dunbar Interpretive Center, Wright Brothers Memorial, Carillon Historical Park, and the Historical Oregon District. On Saturday we toured The National Museum of the United States Air Force, Wright Patterson Air Force Base. And we had "Dinner Under the Wings", Saturday Evening dinner banquet at The National Museum of the United States Air Force
The Holiday Inn Dayton North was a great Reunion hotel. Frank Maus and his wife did a really enjoyable tour of all the areas of Dayton. We appreciated Gary Coppes presenting our Association with a flag that his son flew on a mission in Iraq, and truly grateful for his sons safe return. Andrea did an outstanding job of taking care of every detail.
Deb and I plan on going back to Dayton after I retire so we can take more time at the places we toured, I believe everyone attending had a great time.
In memory of Richard K Smith, 80th Trans Co, 121st AML 1964-65.  We miss you Richard.