Here is some pictures from the 1991 Reunion at Fort Rucker, AL.  Maj Gen Richard Kenyon served as Reunion chairman with Wille Ruf, Chuck Frye, George Baker, George Young, and Bill King
The Army Band at Ft Rucker played...
  as the troops...
 marched in review.
Some of the wives on the warm summer evening ain Ozark AL
 Jim & Deb Bodkin with Jim Paulin.
Bill J Smith, Bill Sheets, and Pete Deojay.

Walt Fricke, Mr & Mrs Fred Eckelman, & Mr & Mrs Chad Payne
Earl Digman, Jim Bodkin, Jim Paulin, unk, unk, Jim Aretz, & Ralph Crider
Walt Fricke, Lee Kerfeld, Gary Allison
Great Bronze Gong "The Chieng"
 The Eckelmanns with "The Chieng"
Josie & Lee Kerfeld wit "The Chieng"
Maj Gen (Ret) Richard Kenyon Reunion Chairman
Ltc James M Diamond, Commander 1st Bn, 145th Avn, Key Note Speaker 

Two of the W.O.C. who helped with the work at the Reunion.

Some of the 190th AHC members.

Some of the 118th Bandits and Ltc Deets with the Bandit patch.

Some of the 68th AHC former members.

Some of the former 118th AHC members.

Good friends.

Jim and Deb bodkin

Aircraft on static display

Aircraft on static display.

Aircraft on static display.

New CH-47 flight simulator which many got to fly during tour of building.

Apache simulator.


Buch Richardson & Pete Deojay, late night gathering.

Ted Jambon, Chuck Haney, George Owens, and Tommy Thornton

Jim Bodkin, George Ridgeway, Billy J Smith