C H I E N G 

The golden sun of the Far East is symbolized by The Great Bronze Gong. It was originally used by the Montagnard village chiefs to summons their populace to council meetings.

The 145th Combat Aviation Battalion, born in the Far East and indicative of oriental traditions, has adopted the Chieng (as The Great Bronze Gong is less frequently referred to) for a purpose this two fold. It may be used by the functionary to convoke its constituents to an official battalion ceremony or to summon all members of the battalion to libations.

The one known as the Seneschal shall so be called Nguoi Danh Chieng, and he being the least aviator shall care for The Chieng. This virgin to the orient will preside as official ringer at all ceremonies, and supervise its polishing and security. He shall be the only on to ring the gong. Anyone whosoever violates this tradition shall be required to furnish a potation for all present. However, any member may ring at his pleasure on New Years Eve, the Chinese New Year, and the 145th Combat Aviation Battalion Organization Day (24 September).

Commanders of the 145th Combat Aviation Battalion shall be engraved on a bronze plate and fastened to the mask of The Great Bronze Gong along with their tenure as leader. An honorary Seneschal may be elected at anytime by the members, and one ring will be accorded to this highly honored person at his own volition.